A good master of the roof is your life saver

A good master of the roof is your life saver

A good master of the roof is your life saver

You need to choose a good roof before you start building it. Then you will have enough time for detailed intelligence. It is not at all easy to find good professionals who can take your order. Often companies offer free calculation of the cost of materials and roofs. Good teams comprise those suggested by coating manufacturers. It is common practice to use the services of specialists recommended by neighbors and acquaintances.

In this case, it is worth looking at the results of their work. You can assess the appearance of the roof and find out if the work is completed on time, and if all the clauses of the contract are fulfilled by the team. Roofs can also be found with the help of newspaper ads but in this case the risk of a contractor increases. In this situation, it is especially important to know how it can be controlled.

What the client needs to know

Even the toronto roof repair company you have hired to carry out the activity has good recommendations, it is important to have a general idea of the work on the construction of the roof system and performance control. Almost no roof is ideal, therefore ordinary waterproofing traditionally used hard flooring with roofing material, a more modern solution is to use under a roofing film. Soft roofs, ie roofing material, and tiles are always laid on hard floors.

The remaining materials – natural tiles (ceramic and cement-sand) and metal tiles – are mounted on a simple grill consisting of slats and slabs: it can be packed both on hard flooring with roofing material and on roofing waterproofing film, which extends directly onto the ribs. The composition of the roof system and the order of the layers in it depends on what will be used as waterproofing: flooring with roofing material or roofing film, as well as the type of film used. Low vapor permeability films should not be laid on insulation or wooden floors – they can become damp. Foil with high vapor permeability can come into contact with thermal insulation without the risk of wetting the insulation and roof structure.

What the client needs to know

What to ask the artist

During a preliminary conversation with the contractor, you should ask how long the installation of coatings will take, whether he has the necessary tools and whether he can show skills. It is better to trust the contractor who specializes in one type of coating. A good craftsman always has his own set of work clothes and accessories that ensure safety at work.

Signing a contract

When choosing a team that is reliable and in line with your financial capabilities has already been made, it is time to sign a contract. It should contain three main points:

  • The price of the roof;
  • A list of work to be performed within the specified price;
  • Start and end date.

It should be borne in mind that the price may increase by about 10%. The increase in costs is due to the fact that often the roofs are made with certain deviations from what is set in the project. In addition, the contract must specify prices for various additional services that are offered (eg insulation of the attic, installation of skylights). A guarantee for the done work happens to be very significant also. The warranty is usually given for three years. During this period, the Contractor undertakes to rectify free of charge all types of faults caused by his error.

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